Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2015

Don't be a turkey.  Oil your beard.

Be thankful for that well oiled beard.

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After countless hours creating the new site, we are finally live!  Now you can purchase Honest Abe Beard Oil directly from the site.  

You'll also find tips on why beard oil is good for your beard and tips on how to apply it for maximum benefit.  You can even learn about the oils used.

Hope you enjoy :-)

Because it's good for your beard dammit!

Beard oil moisturizes your facial hair and the skin underneath providing the necessary nutrients to give it the soft and healthy appearance it deserves.

Beard oil can also help prevent the itchiness and flakes you would incur when your facial skin and hair are dry.

Beard oil will also leave your beard smelling damn good.

Be warned though, heavy petting and sniffing of your beard by others may occur when you oil your beard.

Beard oil is essential to beard maintenance.  We recommend applying Honest Abe Beard Oil after washing your face, that way your hair follicles and pores are open and can absorb the beard oil more easily.  Make sure to towel dry your beard instead of using a hair dryer.

Now that your beard is ready, it's time to apply the beard oil.

  1. Use the dropper to pour about a dime size of beard oil into your palm.  Larger beards will likely need more, start with a nickel size of beard oil instead.
  2. Spread the beard oil between your fingers and palms to get a nice even distribution.
  3. Rub the beard oil onto you beard and facial skin, and massage through the entire length of the beard.
  4. Optionally for best effect, use a comb to evenly spread the beard oil through your beard.
  5. Rub any beard oil leftover onto your face, hair, and/or dry skin areas as they too can benefit from the oil.